Instagram Trends 2018

Instagram / January 05, 2018

In the spirit of the new year, we want to talk about Instagram trends, and how to ride the wave of social media! Social media is ALWAYS changing, so our goal is to help make sure you guys are all caught up and ready to go.

Instagram’s “swipe-up” feature is going to change the retail game in big ways. What is it? You’ve probably interacted with the “swipe-up” feature on Instagram stories before. Swiping up on an Instagram story can take you to a separate link, transporting you to sales windows, videos, and business websites.Currently, Instagram only allows business accounts with over 10K followers to utilize the "swipe-up" feature.

Your Instagram feed is going to be your new homepage. Your feed is more important than your website going into 2018. You must keep your audience in mind, and successfully attracting a younger audience is more likely to be achieved through social media. People spend most of their day on social media, so you want to utilize that by creating a beautiful, eye-catching, and fresh feed. Make sure to always stay true to yourself. Be genuine, and build trust with your audience, but also have a good eye for aesthetic pictures to impress your audience.

Instagram Story Highlights are your best friend in 2018. The highlights live on your profile forever, which could be a huge benefit to companies. These highlights will be like the “window to the soul” of your account, giving a quick look at what you’re all about. Another great thing about these highlights is that you don’t have to worry about the Instagram algorithm when you focus on the saved story glimpses. With the new Instagram feed as your home page, your highlights will take it to the next level, showcasing your purposes, aesthetics, and who you are as an individual.