Why health is very important as an entrepreneur

Lifestyle / January 01, 2018

Why health is very important as an entrepreneur

The most important investment you can make is in your health. Being an entrepreneur I don’t get enough time to do any extracurricular activity bug to stay active and energized is a big deal to crack on a scheduled day. As waking up early and having a healthy breakfast refreshes and motivates me as I have to hustle everyday to stay confident in my ideas so that at the end of the day I finish my target.

Drinking water is like taking a shower on the inside of your body. Water consumption per day should be at least 96 oz as it makes you feel refreshed, plus water carry out many functions in our body like helps in digestion, keeps clear skin, regulates body temperature and many more. Coffee which is a good source of caffeine is essential for me to work for more hours and some fruit drinks can also go with it to stay energetic. Any person being energized throughout the day is a plus point for the individual. And as per me being a millennial entrepreneur I have to stay focused to my work and goals. Another way to get energy is from carbohydrates. Some people think carbohydrates are not good for health but, carbohydrate improve one’s performance by delaying the tiredness and keeps you engaged with your work at higher level and for longer time. Having a good exercise is parallel to let the carbs work in a fruitful way. Give preference to salad either for lunch or dinner. I need fiber for a balanced diet, as it prevents heart diseases, weight gain, and some cancers. Personally in salad I like kale and spinach.

People avoid snack because it gains their weight they think but, snacks can even be included in a weight loss plan. Talking about me my favorite snack is “chedz: Premium Cheese Snack”. Once chedz sent me a package of snacks to try out and I love it! I love it because it has multiple flavors to suit my mood. Low calorie (under 200), low carbs and no sugar by which I’m not left with a reason to not like it. I highly recommend everyone to try

it as it is tasty and organic. The trick to choose a healthy snack with about 100 calorie and a mix of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fat. You all should check out “chedz” on instagram:@chedzsnacks. And the website for the same is http://chedzsnacks.com/. I think eating healthy is essential for a productive lifestyle and energy. To eat is necessity but to eat intelligently is an art.